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buntod reef masbate buntod reef Buntod Reef Hut in Masbate Philippines masbate lowtide sunset
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masbate rodeo street dance masbate festival girl masbate festival drummer masbate festival hunter
masbate tribu bulang masbate bulan dance masbate clound formation masbate moon rise

Welcome to Masbate

Masbate is a peaceful and quite province with its geographical protection of surrounding islands of the Philippines. Although Masbate is considered by many to be part of the Visayan Region it is part of the Bicol Region. It's central location makes Masbate a mixing pot for culture and dilects. Masbate is one of the hidden treasures of the Philippines with its undesturbed natural reefs and reserves.

Masbate Philippines

Is a central located province of the Philippines and part of the Southern Bicol Region. Masbate is composed of Three separate main islands - Ticao, Burias, and largest is Masbate Island. The Province of Masbate is most noted for its agricultural pasture lands, cattle raising, superb scuba diving, white sand beaches, and gold mines. It is a Tropical Paradise with clear waters, lush farm lands, rolling hills, and friendly people who call themselves Masbetenos.

Masbate City is the largest city in the Province and located on Masbate Island. It is the main source of industry, commerce, and development for province.

Masbate Tourism

Many tourists visit Masbate Islands and experience the hidden beauty of the natural white sand beaches and clear blue water. There are many Beach Resorts near Masbate City and Ticao Island. It is truly a tropical paradise for tourist looking for scenic sunsets and tropical gardens and water falls. There are daily flights from Manila and ferry's to Cebu and Sorsogon.

Masbate Resources

Masbate Province is one of the richest in precious minerals in the Philippines. It has a wealth of Gold and Silver and most of the mines are in the Aroroy area. Cattle is one of the main sources of Masbate's Food Industry. The fertile pastures make Masbate Province known as the Cattle and Rodeo Country of the Philippines. As a result, Rodeo Masbateno has become a large tourist attraction. Majority of the population of Masbate lives on the coastline which makes it a large fishing province. All 270 Barangays are located on 968 Kilometers of natural coastline. Copyright© 2004 - 2013. All rights reserved